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Anna Juery

I really enjoy being part of this platform. This was one of my first experiences getting paid to create UGC and I really like it so far.

Nicholas Nguyen

I often overthink on how I am supposed to make content but the briefs that Kovalee sends are super simple and easy to understand.

Ahlam Ghanem

The whole creation process is super simple which makes it a lot easier for anyone who's never done content creation professionally before.

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Will I have to post anything on
my personal social media platforms?

No, with this project we require UGC, User Generated Content for our own internal advertisement means. Therefore, it is not mandatory for you to post anything on your personal social platforms. However it is still greatly appreciated if you do choose to do so.

How much will I be paid?

For each item of content you produce for us you. The amount that you will be paid will depend on the length of the content we require from you. The range will fall between $25 to $50.

How often would I need to create content? 

Creators will be sent out briefs on a weekly/bi-weekly basis so you have the ability to either accept or decline a suggested brief depending on your available schedule and/or comfort.

Do I need a minimum following on my social media?

No, anyone is welcome! Seeing as all the content we require from you is for our own inhouse advertisements no following requirement is needed.

Can I remove my content from your platforms if I no longer want it to be available?

Once you submit your UGC to our platforms, we will own the rights to it for the next 24 months. During this time, you will not be able to remove your content from our platforms. After 24 months, you will be able to request the removal of your content, subject to terms.

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